Kim Robbins
Swim Instructor

Most everyone loves the water! It’s fun and draws us all to its cool and refreshing essence to play and swim.

I have been a "water bug" my entire life and teaching swimming is my passion and God-given talent. My love for the water began early when my parents saw the necessity and importance of putting me and my sisters in swim lessons each year. We went summer after summer even as we grew older and knew how to swim fluently. I was even on the Meridian Swim Team at 5 years of age and continued to learn stroke definition, water safety, and lifeguarding skills and training each season outside of racing. I am so thankful we had the opportunity to learn at an early age to swim and protect ourselves in the water, as well as, provide that peace of mind that was priceless for our parents!

As a swim teacher, it is so important to also stress the difference between one "knowing how to play" in the water versus one "knowing how to swim" in the water! Unfortunately, these are two misconstrued concepts that I have seen in my teaching years, mainly by parents. Make sure your child knows how to swim and protect themselves no matter the time or cost!